London 2001 Conference Abstracts: M. Bayle et al (2)

Marciano S. Bayle, Carlos Ponte, Manuel Martin, Hixinio Beiras and Felix Payo

Social Movements against the privatization policy of the National Health Service in Spain

Federacion de Asociaciones para la Defensa de la Salud Publica, Spain

London 2001 Conference Abstracts: D. Gannik

Dorte Gannik

Is General Practice trapped?
Reflections on health care, liberalisation and research priorities

Central Research Unit for General Practice, Panum Institute, Copenhagen

Dorte Gannik, Assoc.Professor, DscSoc

London 2001 Conference Abstracts: M. Johanson et al

Mauri Johansson & Timo Partanen

Trade Unions in workplace safety- and health promotion. With focus on cooperation between workers and academics in promoting health

Public Health Partner, Denmark
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Mauri Johansson, MD, Denmark

London 2001 Conference Abstracts: G. Barro et al

Giovanni Barro, Antonello Briguori, Mara Giglioni, Rita Manfroni, Maurizio Mori, Osvaldo Palumbo, Carlo Romagnoli, Elisabetta Rossi, Stefania Piacentini

Micro and Macro-privatisation are obscuring the sky of the italian National Health System

Equi.Jus Association, Perugia
Regional Health Service of Umbria

A national health service (SSN) was applied in Italy in 1978 with the law 833. The British NHS was its model.

London 2001 Conference Abstracts: H. Beiras et al

Hixinio Beiras*, Manuel Martín**

Understanding, explaining, organising and occasionally succeeding: recent experiences promoting opposition to neoliberal counter reform in Spain

*Cardiologist in Vigo, president of Galician Regional NHS Defence Association (AGDSP, member of Federación de Asociaciones para la Defensa de la Sanidad Pública, FADSP)
**Specialist in Family and Community medicine in Marín, Pontevedra, Secretary of FADSP (Federation of Associations for NHS Defence).

London 2001 Conference Abstracts: P.R. Biel etal

Pedro Rey Biel* & Javier Rey del Castillo**

New policies in health research: a need for maintaining publich health systems

*Department of Economics. UCL. London.
Contactl: P.R. Biel
**Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo. Madrid. Spain. Contact:J.Rey de Castillio

I.- Increasing health expenditure is a key element for sustainability of Public Health Systems, in a context in which Public Expenditure is being broadly questioned.

London 2001 Conference Abstracts: E. Zebiene

Egle Zebiene

Patient satisfaction with health care services in changing socio-economic environment

Vilnius University
Centre of General Practitioners
Egle Zebiene

London 2001 Conference Abstracts: Ch. Sevilla et al

Christine Sevilla*, François Eisinger**, Jean-Paul Moatti*

Do gene patents linit the diffusion of genetic testing? The case of DNA tests for breast cancer susceptibility

* INSERM U379, Marseille, France
** E9939, Marseille, France


London 2001 Conference Abstracts: L. Briziarelli et al

Prof. Lamberto Briziarelli*, Dr. Masanotti Giuseppe**

Documentation without Information

*Director The Experimental Centre of Health Education, Department of Hygiene, University of Perugia.
**Collaborator The Experimental Centre of Health Education, Department of Hygiene, University of Perugia.
Contact: L. Briziarelli

Public services and the private sector

Allyson Pollock, Jean Shaoul, David Rowland and Stewart Player

Public services and the private sector, a response to the IPPR

Revised with a new foreword by David Hinchliffe MP

A Catalyst working paper
November 2001


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