Study reveals austerity’s harmful impact on health in Greece

Study reveals austerity’s harmful impact on health in Greece

The Correa ‘phenomenon’ in Ecuador: between ‘buen vivir’ and neo-developmentalism, by Mauricio Torres & Pol de Vos

The procedings of the XV IAHPE Conference at Coventry 2009 in DVDs


Conference Videos

Condition Critical: Health Care, Marketising Reforms and the Media

Held at Coventry University between June 17-20 2009

The international conference, organised by the International Associationof Health Policy in Europe and hosted by Coventry University, focused on "Health care, marketisation and the media". It was attended by delegations from 15 countries and heard 38 papers.

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Chile’s Neoliberal Health Reform: An Assessment and a Critique

An Assessment and a Critique 

Jean-Pierre Unger, Pierre De Paepe, Giorgio Solimano Cantuarias, Oscar Arteaga Herrera


Disintegrated and integrated care, by Jean-Pierre Unger et al

The authors are arguing that the  negative impact of neoliberal health policy on disease control and health care in low and middleincome countries justifies an alternative aid policy to improve both disease control and health care.

The authors  propose social-and-democrat health policy calls for networking, lobbying and training as a joint
effort in which committed health professionals can lead the way

Universal Health Care Systems (UHCS) on the Periphery of Capitalism, by H.U. Deppe

Universal Health Care Systems (UHCS) on the Periphery of Capitalism

Hans-Ulrich Deppe, MD

Professor for Medical Sociology and Social Medicine

PHM letter to Lancet on arm trade activities of Reed Elsevier

2 years ago your Editorial staff and International Advisory Board took the courageous and correct step to criticise the practices of your parent company, Reed Elsevier, in the hosting of arms trade fairs.(1)

The arms trade industry as it stands has little good to say for itself. It encourages transgressions of the various Geneva Conventions on the conduct of war, wastes public money, catalyses confl ict and war, institutionalises corruption, glorifi es violence, sustains oppressive and genocidal regimes, and excuses the conduct of torture.

Health Reform: Turning away from the Solidarity Principle by Hans-Ulrich Deppe

Neoliberal economic and labor market policy, stagnating working income and continuing mass unemployment have withered the extent of employment paying into social security.. the next financing crisis of health insurance is pre-programmed.

Health Reform: Turning away from the Solidarity Principle
by Hans-Ulrich Deppe

Que esta ocurriendo en la OMS, Vicente Navarro

La próxima elección del director general de la OMS


Catedrático de Políticas Públicas y Gestión Sanitaria, Escuela de Salud Pública en la Universidad John Hopkins; Director del Programa en Políticas Públicas y Sociales en la Universidad Pompeu Fabra-John Hopkins; Fundador y pasado Presidente de la Asociación Internacional de Políticas de Salud; y Editor jefe del Internacional Journal of Health Services

The WTO & privatisation of health care systems

Allyson M Pollock, David Price

Rewriting the regulations: how the World Trade Organisation could accelerate privatisation in health-care systems

Lancet 2000; 356: 1995-2000

Health Policy and Health Services Research Unit, School of Public Policy, University College London, London WC1H 9EZ, UK

Correspondence to: Prof Allyson M Pollock
Allyson M Pollock, David Price
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