Legal boost for Dutch abortion ship

The Dutch Government has given the go-ahead to the Women on Waves group to offer the abortion pill to pregnant women on board their boat, Aurora. The Aurora is due to set sail again for countries where abortion is forbidden.
It will dock in international waters and members of Women on Waves will offer advice and treatment to women who come on board.

Palestinian Urgent Appeal- July 16, 2002

The Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees
Urgent Appeal- July 16, 2002

Continuing Curfew Creates Humanitarian Disaster

13 women flogged in Qom Iran

The state-run daily, Seday-e Edalat, reported yesterday that 13 women were flogged in the city of Qom. Among them were three pairs of sisters. They were each sentenced to 180 lashes.

Flogging women for "prostitution" and "drinking alcohol" and issuing these kinds of barbaric sentences against women come from mullahs who themselves run prostitution and drug trafficking rings and are involved in smuggling women and girls to neighboring countries. The Iranian Resistance has revealed the names of some of these mullahs.

People's Movement stops privatisation in Paraguay

People's Movement stops government privatisation programme in Paraguay

Eye witness report from Paraguay Paraguay, one of the smallest and poorest countries in South America, and for many decades ruled by a murderous dictatorship that fiercely repressed any form of political opposition, is today a country in the throes of a popular revolution. For the first time anywhere in the world, a popular struggle, not linked to any political party, has forced a government to put a complete stop to its privatisation programme!

Venezuela resisting!!

Venezuela: Not a Banana-Oil Republic after All

By Gregory Wilpert
April 15th

It looks like Venezuela is not just another banana-oil republic after all. Many here feared that with the April 11 coup attempt against President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela was being degraded to being just another country that is forced to bend to the powerful will of the United States. The successful counter-coup of April 14, though, which reinstated Chavez, proved that Venezuela is a tougher cookie than the coup planners thought.

Health Implications of the israeli invention 12 April 02

Health Implications of the Detoriorating Situation

reported by Palestine Emergency Committee

Jerusalem 1:39pm Thu Apr 11 '02

link to jerusalem.indymedia

Urgent need for solidarity to Palestine 9th April 2002

jerusalem.indymedia reporting

"UPDATE: War in Jenin

April 09, 2002: More than one third of the camp houses have been destroyed�total destruction�.tens of people died in this way
Several heavy shielded bulldozers of the army digging a wide road 8 - 10 m wide from west to east cut off the camp into two halves.

Objectors imprisoned in Israel

Over the last couple of days, four new objectors have been imprisoned for their refusal to serve in the Israeli army altogether or specifically in
the Palestinian Occupied Territories. Three other objectors were released from prison at the end of last week.
All in all, the number of objectors that we know of, currently held in
Israel's military prisons now reaches 10.

Coalition Soldiers in Afghanistan are Endangering Aid Workers

by Michelle Kelly (a nurse who has worked recently in Kandahar) and Morten Rostrup ( international president of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)/Doctors Without Borders.

Published on Thursday, January 31, 2002 in the Guardian of London

Drug Policy in Latin America

On January 11th, Brazilian president Fernando Cardoso signed the new anti-drug law, that will become the most advanced law of its kind in Latin America, because, among other things, it makes a clear distinction between a drug trafficker and an addict.

Read more at Brazil new law
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