Manifiesto Contra la Guerra "Primum non nocere"

Manifiesto de profesionales de la salud Contra la Guerra "Primum non nocere"

Como profesionales de la salud, asistimos con alarma a los preparativos para el ataque que Estados Unidos se dispone a desencadenar contra Iraq, con la ayuda del gobierno inglιs y el apoyo de la UE.

Como ejercientes de una profesion cuya razσn de ser es mejorar la salud y preservar, en lo posible, a los seres humanos de la enfermedad y la muerte, no podemos permanecer impasibles ante esa forma de entender las relaciones internacionales.

European Social Forum, Paris, 12 -15 November 2003

The European Social Forum to be held in Paris from the 12 to 15 November 2003 has a full programme of debates, seminars and discussions including health and social policy.

IAHP is participating actively. Julian Tudor Hart, several friends from FADSP and Alexis Benos are participating in the meetings.

Join this important movement and follow its activities!
More information from the site of the European Social Forum

US Physicians for a National Health Program

Dear PNHP physicians, medical students and far-flung friends,

A new bill for single payer will be introduced in Congress on Tuesday, February 4 (press release to follow).

We thank all the members of the Physicians Working Group for Single Payer for all their hard work on this project, as well as Rep. John Conyers, a lifelong advocate in the Congress for health and human rights, and his staffer, Joel Segal.

There are three things you can do to help in the coming weeks.

II International Forum Advocacy of Peoples' Health

III World Social Forum: Another world is possible......

II International Forum for the Advocacy of Peoples' Health as an Essential Human Need, a Citizenship Right and a Public Good

Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil
January 20th - 23rd, 2003
Asociación Latinoamericana de Medicina Social - ALAMES
International Peoples' Health Council - IPHC
International Association of Health Policy - IAHP
Peoples' Health Movement - PHM
Centro Brasileiro de Estudos em Saúde -CEBES

On line Conferences Registration - a new service

This new service of our website is giving us the opportunity of online registration for IAHP Conferences. We hope that this new service will:
  1. Make the conference registration process more easy, quick and efficient for all IAHP members.
  2. Help the peer review process and the conference organisers to work time wisely and efficiently.
As this service is new, we would appreciate any comments and/or suggestions for improvements. Therefore, we urge you to use it.

Baleares Declaration for the Defense of Health Care


The participants of XIV Meeting on Health Care Delivery Systems held in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) from the 21 to 24 of May 2002 declare:

Declaración de Baleares, FADSP / IAHP Mayo 2002

Los asistentes a las XIV Jornadas de debate sobre Sanidad pública llevadas a cabo en Palma de Mallorca durante los días 21 a 24 de mayo de 2002 quieren poner de manifiesto los siguientes puntos:

UPMRC International Voluntary Work Camp in Palestine

UPMRC International Voluntary Work Camp in Palestine

Defending freedom of health services research

Defending independence and freedom of health services research

The work of Prof Allyson Pollock and her team is well known internationally. Her scientifically sound and politically sharp work especially analysing and unmasking the privatisation tactics used by the british government (Private Finance Initiative & Public Private Partnership) produced an unbelievable assault against her by the Commons Health Select Committee.
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