Anti war call to all citizens of Europe

Anti war call o all citizens of Europe 12-11-2002

Together we can stop this war !

We, the European social movements are fighting for social rights and social justice, for democracy and against all forms of oppression.

We stand for a world of diversity, freedom and mutual respect.

Call of the European Social Movements 12-11-2002


Foro Social Europeo:

Otro sistema de salud es posible.

El seminario "Salud y Neoliberalismo", celebrado el 7 de Noviembre en Florencia, dentro de las iniciativas promovidas por el Foro Social Europeo, ha emitido el siguiente documneto, que ahora remitimos a todos los Movimientos Sociales Europeos.

European Social Forum

Another Health Care System is possible

The "Health and Neoliberalism" seminar, held in November 7th, in Florence, within the initiatives of the European Social Forum, has resulted in the following document which we submit to all the European Social Movements.

Health is a fundamental and universal right which belongs to everyone and must be free of any economic charge.

Manifiesto por el Derecho a la Salud

FADSP, Madrid, 22 de Noviembre de 2001

La Salud es un derecho fundamental reconocido por la Constitución que precisa de un sistema sanitario público universal, equitativo, eficiente y participativo para hacerlo efectivo. Este derecho se encuentra amenazado por las políticas neoliberales que pretenden desmantelar y privatizar los servicios públicos.

Opening by H.U.Deppe - Barcelona Conference 1999

H-U Deppe

Welcome/ Opening intervention, the Barcelona Conference 1999

Dear Friends,

all conferences of the IAHP I opened - I started with some words about our group. We should remind the contents and conditions when we began to work together in 1982. And during the next days we should take in mind , what we have formulated in our STATUTES:

The people's campaign for health care in Spain

Sanchez Bayle M, Beiras Cal H

The people's campaign against health care counter-reforms in Spain

J Public Health Policy 2001;22(2):139-152
PMID: 11469148 Hospital Nino Jesus, Madrid, Spain.

London 2001 Conference abstracts: A. Stolkiner

Alicia Stolkiner and research team PT48 UBACyT

Research and Health Policies: including the social actors in research

Institution: Secretariat of Science and Technology of the Buenos Aires University
Address: Conde 665 (cp1426) Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Phone / Fax: (54-11) 4555-7365


London 2001 Conference Abstracts: E.Bejerot

Eva Bejerot and Hans Hasselbladh

Quality systems in Swedish Health Services: Examination and confession technologies

National Institute for Working Life
School of Economics and Commercial Law
S-112 79 Stockholm Box 610, S- 40530 Gothenburg
Eva Bejerot e-mail
Hans Hasselbladh e-mail

London 2001 Conference Abstracts: A. Benos et al

Alexis Benos*, Stathis Giannakopoulos**, Theodore Zdoukos***,

The ongoing health services reforms by the greek social-democratic governement: a fast way backwards

*Assistant Prof In Social Medicine,
**General Practitioner, Research Fellow,
***General Practitioner, Secretary of the Union of Physicians working in the NHS
Laboratory of Hygiene & Social Medicine, Medical Dept, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Contact: A. Benos

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