The NHS after 60: For Patients or Profits? a new and exciting book by John Lister

Julian Tudor Hart
"John Lister has written a book which everyone interested or active in health care needs to read."
Tony Benn
"This is a very significant book, meticulously researched, and intensely readable."

FADSP is denouncing Madrid's Regional Governement that abolishes Public Health Structures

Madrid's Regional Governement abolishes the Public Health Structure from the Regional Health Authority!!

Health Policy In Europe: Contemporary dilemmas and challenges, a new book by IAHPE

IAHPE new book

This book is an effort to describe and critically analyse the recent experience of various European countries and discuss the dilemmas and challenges that confront health policy and policy-makers in this period of time and geopolitical setting, providing concrete evidence from various countries.

Challenging health inequalities, a new book edited by Elizabeth Dowler and Nick J. Spencer

This book offers a unique multi-disciplinary perspective on tackling health inequalities in a rich country, examining the New Labour policy agenda for tackling health inequalities and its inherent challenges.

IAHPE (Europe) executive boards

The IAHPE coordianting persons elected in Ankara the 1st of October 2011 during the 15th European Conference

Honorary PresidentGiovanni Berlinguer (Roma)

Honorary PresidentHans-Ulrich Deppe (Frankfurt)

President : Feride Aksu (Izmir) 

XIV Thessaloniki Conference 2005

Theme of the Conference: Health policy in Europe: contemporary dilemmas and challenges subthemes: Health policy reports from the different European Countries Main characteristics of the national health policies and the ongoing reforms. The dominant Health policies in EU and the other european countries. Are there similar or different? Are the dominant policies within Europe still enhancing profit making and privatisation of health services? Under the threat of the Bokenstein directive and GATS. The crisis of the dominant paradigm.

IAHPE IX Conferencia Barcelona 1999


13th IAHPEurope Conference - Stocholm 2003

13th IAHPEurope Conference

Social and economic destabilisation in Europe: implications for health

Wednesday 21st May to Saturday 24th May 2003
Stocholm Sweden

The National Institute of Public Health

Conference Program (pdf)

The conference will debate questions like ��

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