Novartis threatens Indian generic drug industry

Novartis threatens Indian generic drug industry

Large scale killings in Gaza following Israeli air strikes!!!

Urgent action is needed now!


World Health Organization and Radiations: Denounce the Cover Up

As the international health authority, the World Health Organization (WHO) is
responsible for providing scientific and medical guidance to states in the interests of
their population’s health. In line with its Constitution, that guidance must be free
of all commercial interest. However, on 28 May 1959, the WHO signed an
agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which prevents
either organization from taking a public position on an issue which might harm the

PHM letter to Lancet on arm trade activities of Reed Elsevier

2 years ago your Editorial staff and International Advisory Board took the courageous and correct step to criticise the practices of your parent company, Reed Elsevier, in the hosting of arms trade fairs.(1)

The arms trade industry as it stands has little good to say for itself. It encourages transgressions of the various Geneva Conventions on the conduct of war, wastes public money, catalyses confl ict and war, institutionalises corruption, glorifi es violence, sustains oppressive and genocidal regimes, and excuses the conduct of torture.

Million Signatures on the Internet to demand "Health for all now"


Hyderabad (India), Savar (Bangladesh), Managua (Nicaragua), 5th January 2003:


The Million Signature Campaign:

A march on the Internet demanding HEALTH FOR ALL NOW!

People's Movement stops privatisation in Paraguay

People's Movement stops government privatisation programme in Paraguay

Eye witness report from Paraguay Paraguay, one of the smallest and poorest countries in South America, and for many decades ruled by a murderous dictatorship that fiercely repressed any form of political opposition, is today a country in the throes of a popular revolution. For the first time anywhere in the world, a popular struggle, not linked to any political party, has forced a government to put a complete stop to its privatisation programme!

PHM call against the Israeli offensive

People’s Health Movement calls for
Immediate Cessation of Israeli Offensive in Palestine and Lebanon and for UN Intervention

PHA global campaign: Revive the vision of Alma Ata!

Geneva: 15th May, 2002

People's Health Assembly
PHA Secretariat, Gonoshasthaya Kendra, Nayarhat, Dhaka ' 1344, Bangladesh

PHA website

Global campaign to be launched: Revive the vision of Alma Ata!

The Alma Ata Anniversary Pack by PHM

This collection of statements, reflections and papers is released for use by People's Health Movement members, friends and enthusiasts all over the world to initiate a celebration for the Alma Ata Declaration anniversary particularly around 6-12th September 2003. (These are the actual dates of the meeting in 1978 when the Alma Ata Declaration was passed in an International Conference on Primary Health Care organized by World Health Organization and UNICEF and other organizations and ratified by the majority of the countries of the world.).

The People's Health Movement for the new WHO DG

A new Director General for the World Health Organisation - an opportunity for bold and inspirational leadership

published in The Lancet
1. Introduction
The sudden and sad death of Dr Lee Jong-wook, the former Director-General (DG) of the World Health Organisation (WHO), has already prompted several articles in this journal about WHO. , , But further discussion is needed over the next two months in the run up to the election of a new DG.

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