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US Suicide Bombing

US Suicide Bombing

Follow the ongoing and lively discussion with interesting and radical views about the terrorism versus terrorism vicious circle in various sites.
Selection of the following views is aiming to enhance the ongoing debate. The views are reflecting their authors ideas.

New input 10/10/2001

Interview with Noam Chomsky
Regarding World Trade Center tragedy
Radio B92, Belgrade

Q: Why do you think these attacks happened?

A critique of WHO Macroeconomics report by D Banerji

D Banerji, New Delhi

A critique of the report of the WHO commission on Macroeconomics and Health as highlighted in INHP Bulletin 10 March 2002

The Report on of the WHO initiated Commission on Macroeconomics and Health is a very disappointing document. It is ahistorical, apolitical and atheoretical. It is biased. Its contents are so highly skewed that it glosses over some of the such crucial interdisciplinary dimensions of the

Hormone Replacement Therapy in question

(De utilizar la informaci?n citar la fuente)

Bolet?n 8
Tratamientos Hormonales de Reemplazo, Hormone Replacement Therapy

Segunda Quincena
Julio 2002

Nota editorial:

Health before wealth

Demand the WTO change its patent rules

Every day 37,000 people die from preventable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis. Most of these deaths are in the developing world where many life-saving drugs are unaffordable because they are patented under rules set by the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Joint Palestinian-Israeli appeal

Joint Palestinian-Israeli appeal for International protection

The situation of the Palestinian population in the occupied territories is deteriorating daily. We must act immediately to try to stop further attrocities, further deteriotation and the possibility of full scale war.
Below is the text of a joint Palestinian - Israeli appeal for the immediate provision of International protection for the Palestinian people.

Please support this effort by signing the appeal and by forwarding it to other potential supporters.

Israeli Police Arrest Sixteen First Aid Workers

Urgent Appeal

Israeli Police Arrest Sixteen First Aid Workers of the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees UPMRC

August 3, 2001

Tragic proofs about the depleted uranium

Dear all,
Below you find a message by my friend and collaborator Michel Collon, a Belgian journalist, author and people's rights activist. Those who know of Michel, are aware of his tireless work on publicising the lies surrounding the use of depleted uranium in the Balkans and elsewhere. Michel himself is a journalist covering the Balkans conflict, and has recently been diagnosed with cancer. His right kidney was removed on May 23. The rest of his frightening story you can read below.

Mortality between for profit & not-for profit centres

P. J. Devereaux, MD; Holger J. Sch?nemann, MD, PhD; Nikila Ravindran, BSc; Mohit Bhandari, MD, MSc; Amit X. Garg, MD; Peter T.-L. Choi, MD, MSc; Brydon J. B. Grant, MD; Ted Haines, MD; Christina Lacchetti, MHSc; Bruce Weaver, MSc; John N. Lavis, MD, PhD; Deborah J. Cook, MD, MSc; David R. S. Haslam, MD, MSc; Terrence Sullivan, PhD; Gordon H. Guyatt, MD, MSc

Comparison of Mortality Between Private For-Profit and Private Not-For-Profit Hemodialysis Centers. A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
JAMA. 2002;288:2449-2457

WHO-DG to lead defence of health as a social right

WHO Director general elections debate
The Lancet; Volume 361, Number 9354 25 January 2003

To lead the defense of health as a social right

Alexis Benos

President of the International Association of Health Policy
Medical Dept, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Stocholm 2003: Health sector reform in Palestine

Motasem HAMDAN

1) Centre for Health Services and Nursing
Research, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

2) School of Public
Health, Al-Quds University, Jerusalem.
13th IAHPEurope Conference "Social and economic destabilisation in Europe: implications for health"
May 21st to24th 2003, Stockholm, Sweden

Health workforce in political and economic destabilisation: the interaction between health sector reform and human resources development in Palestine

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