The International Association of Health Policy (IAHP) is a scientific, political and cultural organisation founded in 1977. It is an international network of scholars, health workers and activists with the aim of promoting the scientific analysis of public health issues and a forum for international comparisons and debate on health policy issues.

Public services and the private sector

Allyson Pollock, Jean Shaoul, David Rowland and Stewart Player

Public services and the private sector, a response to the IPPR

Revised with a new foreword by David Hinchliffe MP

A Catalyst working paper
November 2001


Executive summary

Lessons From Latin America

Howard Waitzkin, MD, PhD, Celia Iriart, PhD, MPH, Alfredo Estrada, MD and Silvia Lamadrid, MA

Social Medicine Then and Now: Lessons From Latin America

American Journal of Public Health October 2001, Vol 91, No. 10 | 1592-1601

Human Right to Health, by David Werner

David Werner
Insuring the necessary resources for the human right to health: national and international measures

Address to the Global Assembly on "Advancing the Human Right to Health"
Iowa City, Iowa, April 20-22, 2001

In the 1940s, the United Nations declared Health a Basic Human Right. The World Health Organization was created to help make that Right a reality. But during the next several decades, the Right to Health remained a distant dream for most of the world's people.

Health Implications of the israeli invention 12 April 02

Health Implications of the Detoriorating Situation

reported by Palestine Emergency Committee

Jerusalem 1:39pm Thu Apr 11 '02

link to jerusalem.indymedia

The NHS from Thatcher to Blair, by Peter Fisher

Peter Fisher, NHS Consultants Association

The NHS from Thatcher to Blair

addressed to the 12th IAHP and XIV FADSP Conference, Palma de MAllorca 23 May 2002

In looking at how the NHS has changed over this period it is possible to see a pattern.
Sometimes quickly, sometimes more slowly and with occasional steps in the opposite direction, we have been moving away from the concept of a publicly owned, publicly accountable service.

Urgent need for solidarity to Palestine 9th April 2002

jerusalem.indymedia reporting

"UPDATE: War in Jenin

April 09, 2002: More than one third of the camp houses have been destroyed�total destruction�.tens of people died in this way
Several heavy shielded bulldozers of the army digging a wide road 8 - 10 m wide from west to east cut off the camp into two halves.

Objectors imprisoned in Israel

Over the last couple of days, four new objectors have been imprisoned for their refusal to serve in the Israeli army altogether or specifically in
the Palestinian Occupied Territories. Three other objectors were released from prison at the end of last week.
All in all, the number of objectors that we know of, currently held in
Israel's military prisons now reaches 10.

Health care under globalisation, by H.U.Deppe

H.U. Deppe

Re-thinking the basic conditions of health care under the impact of globalisation

addressed to the 12th IAHP and XIV FADSP Conference, Palma de MAllorca 23 May 2002

Coalition Soldiers in Afghanistan are Endangering Aid Workers

by Michelle Kelly (a nurse who has worked recently in Kandahar) and Morten Rostrup ( international president of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)/Doctors Without Borders.

Published on Thursday, January 31, 2002 in the Guardian of London

Drug Policy in Latin America

On January 11th, Brazilian president Fernando Cardoso signed the new anti-drug law, that will become the most advanced law of its kind in Latin America, because, among other things, it makes a clear distinction between a drug trafficker and an addict.

Read more at Brazil new law
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