The International Association of Health Policy (IAHP) is a scientific, political and cultural organisation founded in 1977. It is an international network of scholars, health workers and activists with the aim of promoting the scientific analysis of public health issues and a forum for international comparisons and debate on health policy issues.

Official Health Statistics: an Unofficial Guide

Sue Kerrison and Alison MacFarlane, editors

Official Health Statistics: an Unofficial Guide

ISBN: 034073132X

Arnold Publishers, 2000


The government statistical service and the collection of official health statistics
Susan Kerrison and Alison Macfarlane

Health topics in censuses and surveys
Mary Shaw, Danny Dorling and Jenny Grundy

The Politics of Primary Health Care and Child Survival

David Werner and David Sanders
with Jason Weston, Steve Babb and Bill Rodriguez

The Politics of Primary Health Care and Child Survival

with an in-depth critique of Oral Rehydration Therapy

published by
Health Wrights, Workgroup for People's Health and Rights
ISBN: 0-9655585-2-5



Salud, equidad y genero

Ana Costa, Edgar Hamman-Merchan y Debora Tajer compiladores

"Salud, equidad y genero. Un desafio para las politicas publicas"

Editado por ABRASCO, ALAMES y la Editora de la Universidad de Brasilia,

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Bleeding the patient

David Himmelstein M.D., Steffie Woolhandler M.D., M.P.H.
Ida Hellander M.D.

Bleeding the patient
The Consequences of Corporate Health Care

ISBN 1-56751-206-2 (cloth) ISBN 1-56751-207-0 (pbk)
Common Courage Press 2001


Introduction: The Failure of �Free Market� Healthcare

Challenging Inequities in Health: From Ethics to Action

Timothy Evans, Margaret Whitehead, Finn Diderichsen, Abbas Bhuia & Meg Wirth, Editors

Challenging Inequities in Health : From Ethics to Action

Oxford University Press, New York 2001


Foreword, Sheikh Hasina

Part I: Establishing Values

1. Challenging Health Inequities: An Introduction, Tim Evans, et al.

2. The Social Basis of Disparities in Health, Finn Diderichsen, Tim Evans , and Margaret Whitehead

The Political Economy of Social Inequalities

Navarro Vicente, Editor

The Political Economy of Social Inequalities: Consequences for Health and Quality of Life

Baywood Publishing Co,2001

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Healthy Choices - Future Options for the NHS

Steve Iliffe & Jemw Munro, Editors

Healthy Choices
Future Options for the NHS

Lawerence & Wishart, London 1997 ISBN: 0 85315 851 7


1. Health Care and the Limits of the Market
Steve Iliffe & James Munro
2. The "New Mandarins" and the Monetarisation of the NHS"
Geof Rayner
3. Has trhe internal market been a success? Contradictions in competition
James Munro

La tranformacion neoliberal del sistema de salud. Chile 1973-1990

Carolina Tetelboin Henrion
La tranformacion neoliberal del sistema de salud. Chile 1973-1990
Reformas de primera generacion

Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana,
Mexico 2003

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NHS plc: the privatisation of our health care, by Allyson Pollock

Allyson M Pollock

NHS plc: the privatisation of our health care. London: Verso 2004. £15;
ISBN: 1 84467 011 2

"This is a shocking story, brilliantly told, by one of the leading thinkers in the field of public health policy. Here you will learn how Labour politicians, with their cronies from the private sector, are turning this magnificent institution into one of the greatest pork barrels of all time. No one who cares about the health of the nation should ignore NHS plc."

Que esta ocurriendo en la OMS, Vicente Navarro

La próxima elección del director general de la OMS


Catedrático de Políticas Públicas y Gestión Sanitaria, Escuela de Salud Pública en la Universidad John Hopkins; Director del Programa en Políticas Públicas y Sociales en la Universidad Pompeu Fabra-John Hopkins; Fundador y pasado Presidente de la Asociación Internacional de Políticas de Salud; y Editor jefe del Internacional Journal of Health Services

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