Urgent need for solidarity to Palestine 9th April 2002

jerusalem.indymedia reporting

"UPDATE: War in Jenin

April 09, 2002: More than one third of the camp houses have been destroyed�total destruction�.tens of people died in this way
Several heavy shielded bulldozers of the army digging a wide road 8 - 10 m wide from west to east ..to cut off the camp into two halves.

This is done also with air bombings , hundreds of bombs, from 2 - 7 Cobra and Apatchi helicopters,,each raid�it is still continuing from around 20.00 last night�till now.

The soldiers sometimes withdraw for the helicopters to do the strikes ..this came after the helicopters bombarded a house where soldiers were inside on the assumption that they were Palestinians�the shooting and the bombing is severe and directed towards the houses with much brutality.

More than one third of the camp houses have been destroyed�total destruction�.tens of people died in this way.

Health sources from inside the camp.., with witnesses say that dead bodies still in the streets and narrow roads of the camp from 100 - 150.

This the fifth day that ambulances can�t reach to save the injured or the corps�.all health workers and representatives are issuing SOS for help through the media..directly..till now no result��on the ground.

In the past 36 hours..only 2 corps and one injured were received by the hospital��this is a proof that what is going as the people there see another bigger intentional massacre than sabra and shatila��

Health situation and living is so much to a degree that people are now drinking from the sewage and eating leaves of trees. latest news from the French activists on the spot

"Break the Conspiracy of Silence, Act Before it is too Late" urgent appeal from the palestinian Centre for Human Rights

Common declaration of "Physicians for Human Rights- Israel" and "Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees"
From: "Palestine Monitor Alquds"

The Palestine Monitor, A PNGO Information Clearinghouse

Imminent Humanitarian Crisis as Israel Re-Occupies West Bank
Internationals Take Action in Ramallah
March 31st 2001

As the Israeli army starts it process of reoccupation, they are creating a
humanitarian crisis. The main problem is a lack of water as water tanks have been destroyed and the main water supply cut, electricity and telephones
have also been cut, the injured and ill are unable to receive medical care, and food is in short supply. The assault on medical services continues,
with instances of medics being arrested and beaten on the street.

Meanwhile the Israeli soldiers continue their massive scale house-to-house searches detaining men, destroying personal property and terrorizing
the civilian inhabitants - nine Palestinians have thus far been executed.
As the plan to re-occupy is carried out, the assault on Palestinian infrastructure continues, both at the PA and civil society levels. The Ramallah Municipality has been attacked and burned, as have the Chamber of Commerce building, Al-Amal Rehabilitation Center, and others. This morning the Human Rights Organisation, Al Haq, was invaded; currently the army is invading Ramallah hospital.

Furthermore, in an attempt to prevent information about events on the ground from being reported, members of the press are being deliberately
impeded from working.

The situation is dire - the Israeli army is carrying out a war against the Palestinian people. Sharon is implementing complete occupation of the
West Bank, and it is probable that these criminal actions will continue for weeks.

Word has just reached us that 40 members of the Grassroots International Protection for Palestinians (GIPP), including nationals of France, Italy and
Ireland, have managed to enter the PA headquarters (the �Muqataa�) and refuse to leave. This means that whatever happens to Mr. Arafat will
also happen to them. 15 other internationals have joined medical teams and are moving around the town protecting the medical teams as they provide
medical assistance.