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Danish Overseas Aid cut by 10 percent

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Created 06/26/2007 - 12:51
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Denmark's newly elected Liberal-Conservative Government is planning to cut back Danish Overseas Development Aid by 10 percent.

This is equal to approx. USD 200 million a year - or a reduction from 1.0 to 0.90 percent of GNP. Furthermore, it is likely that the additional funds for the follow-up of the 1992 Rio World Summit will be cut by more than half. The exact figures will be published on January 29, 2002.

As Danish NGOs, we are deeply concerned about this. Government funds channelled through Danish NGOs face cuts as large as 10 percent. This will jeopardise many planned and existing projects. We fear that the consequences of these cuts will be felt most by our partners in the South. Furthermore, we believe that the Government's proposed cuts will send a most unfortunate political signal to the rest of the world, as these cuts come due just before the March Conference on Financing for Development in Monterrey and given that Denmark will hold the Presidency of the European Union during the 2002 World Summit in Johannesburg.

The Danish Government has signed the International Development Targets of the UN Millennium Declaration, which aims to reduce the proportion of people living in extreme poverty (less than 1 US dollar per day) by half by 2015. This target is not going to be met unless the rich countries like Denmark provide more financial resources for the poorest countries in the world.

Therefore, we urge you to visit our Campaign site and to sign our petition to the Danish Government to NOT CUT AID - as international Development assistance is needed more than ever.

Both individuals and organisations can sign by visiting kan det passe [1] (in Danish "kan det passe" means "is it really true?").

PLEASE copy this text and send it to friends and colleagues.

The following Danish NGOs are behind this initiative:

Active Consumers Denmark, AIDS-Fond, ATTAC-Denmark, CARE Denmark, Caritas Denmark, DanChurchAid, Danish Association for International Co-operation, Danish Human Settlement Service, Danish Hunters Association, Danish Missionary Council Development Department, Danish Refugee Council, Danish Social Democratic Youth, Danish United Nations Association, Danish Youth Council, Danish-Ugandish Friendship Asociation, Danmission, DANTAN, Development organisation Ibis, DOF-BirdLife Denmark, Eco-net, Ecocouncil, Ghana Friendship groups in Denmark, Global Up-Skill, Greenpeace, International Student Centre, Interplan, Mundo, Nature and Youth, Nepenthes, NOAH, OVE International, Project Counceling Service, Save the Children - Denmark, South Africa Contact, Swallows, The Churches Third World Information, The Danish 92 Group, The Danish Family Planning Asociation, The Danish Outdoor Council, The Danish Society for the Conservation of Nature, the International Working Group for Indigenous Affairs, The LO/FTF council, WAITRO - World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organizations, Women and Development, Womens Council in Denmark, Womens Workers Union in Denmark, World Wide Fund for Nature-Denmark, Sømændenes Forbund, Dansk Russisk Forening - Århus, DUI-LEG og VIRKE, Danske Kvinder med Handicap,Foreningen Bæredygtigt Miljø i Nordvestsjælland, Center for Konfliktløsning, GylleInfo, UBU-Ulandsforeningen for Bæredygtig Udvikling, Internationale Socialisters Ungdom, SID Industri Vestegnen, Mellemamerika Komitéen, Kritisk Forum v./Jørgen Hinkler, Hiv-Danmark, SID Industri Horsens, Aids-info/Fyn, Agendagruppen på Islands Brygge, www.nydansker.dk [2], Dansk Elgforbund, U-landsforeningen Diálogos, Grønne Familier, De Samvirkende Invalideorganisationer, Danmarks Bløderforening, Militærnægterforeningen, SFU- København, Dansk Kurdisk Forening, SiD, ch1 - din lokale portal Christianshavn og Holmen, Naturfolkenes Verden, Brovst Daghøjskole, Art In Defence Of Humanism, Farmaceuter uden Grænser, Studentermenigheden i Århus - SMÅ, Geografforbundet, ADRA Danmark, Dansk Handicap Forbund, SID Nørager.

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