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IAHPE Stockholm 2003 Conference: abstracts

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Marcelo Firpo de S Porto (University of Frankfurt)
Globalisation, work & health in Brazil: recent trends and perspectives [0]

Hasselhorn HM, Josephson M, Lindberg P, Tackenberg P, Mueller BH and the NEXT-Study Group:
Intent to leave nursing among nurses in Europe - First results from the European NEXT-STUDY [0]

Sara ?lander & Bo Burstr?m: (Karolinska Institute)
Economic strain and health among lone mothers in Sweden 1979-1998 [0]

Bernard Braun (University of Bremen) & Jens-Uwe Niehoff (Altwustrow) :
The German health services under transformation [0]

Motasem Hamdan (Universities of Leuven & Al Quds, Jerusalem) :
Health workforce in political and economic destabilisation: the interaction between health sector reform and human resources development in Palestine [0]

Mauri Johannson (Occupational health, Bording, Denmark) :
Do we need a new research concept for helath policy problems? [0]

Jane Lethbridge (Health policy consultant) :
Social and economic destabilisation in Europe: implications for health [0]

Monica Knocke (VERDI) & Uli Deppe (University of Frankfurt):
Trades unions & health reform in Germany

Ida Hellander (Physicians for a National Health Program, USA):
Corporate Health Care Begets Fraud: Recent US Experience [0]

Rolf Gustafsson (Arbetslivsinstitutet, Stockholm):
Social capital "social" or "capital"? [0]

Garc?s, J.; R?denas, F. & Sanjos?, V. (University of Valencia):
Empyrical cost-profit analysis of long term care system from Social Sustainability Principle. [0]

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