IAHP & FADSP declaration on Haiti desaster

The International Association of Health Policy (IAHP) and the Federacion de Asociaciones para la Defensa de la Sanidad Publica, deeply regrets the catastrophe that the people of Haiti are suffering at present,as a consequence of the recent earthquake.


The country’s social and health conditions before the earthquake were already below minimal standards, most of the people living in extreme poverty and suffering endemic diseases related to malnutrition, the absence of a minimum of hygiene, as well as of healthcare structures and Public Health. These circumstances led for centuries to one of the lowest life expectancies of the World.


The powerful countries, such as the USA, have for years forsaken and even directly influenced the domestic politics of Haiti, highly contributing to this condition. The “generous” helps of international institutions leaded by economical neoliberalism, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have also contributed. Even under the present circumstances them dear to offer loans under interest, to a country that for several years has been in absolute bankrupt. Haiti is a dramatic example of how the neoliberal globalisation strongly impairs the health conditions of the poorest



The situation has been strongly worsened by the devastating earthquake, which has led to a total collapse of the essential services. It is foreseeable that, as the days pass, the country will be once more forsaken, as has been the case in the past with different human catastrophes in poor countries. Nevertheless, it is imperative to require that the country should be rebuilt under policies, based on social and economical justice, and contributing to establish social and healthcare systems able to protect and cover the whole of the population. This system must be able as well to offer a response if a new crisis happens. Rebuilding Haiti should not be an excuse for immoral business and for anew episode of social exclusion.


From the IAHP we appeal to the international health organisations, particularly to the World Health Organisation, to organise permanent plans to help Haiti without imposing any type of mortgage. These plans should contribute to the reconstruction of the country and to establish a public health service allowing that, in the future, all the citizens of this now devastated country will be treated efficiently and with dignity.


International Association of Health Policy

Federación de Asociaciones para la Defensa de la Sanidad Pública