XVth Conference of the International Association of Health Policy in Europe, Coventry University, June 17 - 19, 2009


 Health care, marketising reforms and the media

A conference called by the International Association of Health Policy in EUrope (IAHPE) with the support of Coventry University's Shool of Art and Design and Faculty of Health and Life Sciences 

Also supported bythe People’s Health Movement, the International Journal of Health Services, the Politics of Health Group,the NHS Consultants Association, and Keep Our NHS Public

the timetable  and the abstracts of the conference



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Post conference news:


In the meantime Coventry University technical staff have been busily editing material from the conference. The first extracts of the proceedings – four of the papers presented – can be accessed online (this address is different from the one I circulated earlier, and does not require any password).


We have nearly completed a full DVD containing each of the papers presented at the conference. This will be available from next week.


We would also like to invite you to join IAHPE, and become part of the network promoting an alternative to the neoliberal mainstream. Membership is £25 for 12 months, and you can sign up online or by cheque. Simply follow the directions and links at


All those who join IAHPE before October 31 will receive A FREE COPY of the Coventry Conference DVD, so make sure you give us the postal address to send it to.

For anyone not wanting to join IAHPE but wanting a copy of the DVD, it will be available at £20 each copy: send a sterling cheque (made out to PUBLIC SERVICE INSIGHT) with order to me John Lister, Coventry University, Priory St, Coventry CV1 5FB.


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