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13th IAHPEurope Conference - Stocholm 2003

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13th IAHPEurope Conference

Social and economic destabilisation in Europe: implications for health

Wednesday 21st May to Saturday 24th May 2003
Stocholm Sweden

The National Institute of Public Health

Conference Program (pdf) [0]

The conference will debate questions like ��

What are the likely impacts of �flexibility� deregulation and fragmentation in working conditions and relationships on health?


the impact of public health service reforms and privatisation on the health of health service workers,

the health impact of the new service industries

the impact of migration on health

To what extent do current changes in health and social policy challenge social solidarity?

What social factors or political forces are promoting social and economic stabilisation, and health? How can they be strengthened?

request for further details [1] or fax 0044-207-830-2339

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