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Previous Conferences

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List of the previous Conferences of IAHP-Europe by year, place ant theme of the conference

1982 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Economic crises and health care

1984 Vienna, Austria
Primary health care and its relevance for social movements

1986 Stocholm, Sweden
Community participation in occupational health

1986 Visegrad, Hungary
Health policy for underprivileged groups

1988 Paris, France
Evaluation of "Health for all in the year 2000"

1990 Leuven, Belgium
Health policies in the European Community

1991 Berlin, Germany
German health policy after unification-consequences for Europe

1993 Bishop´┐Żs Stotford, England
Health policy and the Common Market

1995 Thessaloniki, Greece
Health care in Europe: Competition or Solidarity?

1997 Wandlitz, Germany
Equity and Freedom in Health Care

1999 Barcelona, Spain
Neoliberalism, management and patient-health worker relationships

2001 London, England
Developing and supporting public health care in a neo-liberal environment

2003 The National Institute of Public Health, Stocholm Sweden (13th)

Social and economic destabilisation in Europe: implications for health

2005 Thessaloniki, Greece (14th)
Health policy in Europe: contemporary dilemmas and challenges

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