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Call for action by ESF:To defend Health and fight privatisation

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Call for action to defend the right to health and
fight the privatisation of health services
European Social Forum

London, 15 october 2005

The participants of the health seminars at the ESF in London propose that the Assembly of Social Movements embrace, as a priority, a campaign for the right to health and against privatisation of health services in Europe. The denial of the right to health, which is an outcome of neoliberal policies, has dramatic consequences for people in Europe.

Neoliberal health policy has transformed people’s health into a profit making commodity. The attack on public health systems and the privatisation of health services throughout Europe prevents many citizens accessing health care.

Privatised services are more expensive and less accessible. Furthermore, independent research is obstructed by market philosophy as funding is dominated by corporate interests.

The Treaty of the European Constitution excludes the right to health which exists in many State constitutions.

The participants of the seminars declare their absolute opposition to this treaty. They consider it to be the product of collusion between banks and economic power and does not take the people of Europe into account.

This is why we urge you to vote against the Treaty in State referendums.

We also reject all similar agreements especially the Bolkestein Directive which makes GATS worse.

The networks that organised the health seminars were the People’s Health Movement and the European Network for the Right to Health supported by the Global Health Watch. PHM, GHW, ENRH are fighting for the right to free access to public health services without discrimination.

They are strugling to establish public health services in all countries, without any charge, that respond to the health care needs of the population.

The participants struggle against fortress Europe which denies the rights of immigrants to access healthcare and their right to live in dignity. This is why the networks propose to build a specific space for health at the Mediterranean Social Forum, 16-19 June 2005.

In addition, we are working with Latin American, African and Asian networks in preparation for the International Health Forum on the 23-25 January 2005 before the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre. We are also participating in the Second People’s Health Assembly in Cuenca, Ecuador, July 2005.

We propose a campaign against the privatisation of health services. We will launch the campaign by supporting the struggle of Hungarian citizens who have organised a referendum against privatisation of hospitals.

We call on all organisations present here at the Assembly of Social Movements to participate in the days of action against the privatisation of health services in Europe.

3 December 2004 - Day against the privatisation of public health in support of the referendum in Hungary

18 February 2005 - Day against the European constitution and the Bolkestein Directive to coincide with the referendum on the European constitutional treaty in Spain

10 to 16 April 2005 global week of action

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