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Feasible Socialism

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Julian Tudor Hart

Feasible Socialism
The National Health Service past, present and future

ISBN 0 900678 24X
Socialist Health Association [1] 1994

"Despite being given free to the whole population according to need, by doctors and nurses with little idea of what anything cost, the NHS provided more cost-effective public service than any of its fee-paid or insurance-based international competitors. We discovered a cash-free economy which was both popular and effective."


Part one: The past
Origins of the National Health Service
From all according to their ability, to all according to their need
Underprovision and oversale
Choking their mouths with power

Part two: The present
Consumerism, science, and the language of production
Primary care: potential wealth, actual poverty
Managed competition
Who cares?

Part three: The future
Professional accountability: who to, what for?
Purchasers, providers, and the future of clinical autonomy
Participative democracy
Feasible Socialism

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