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ASOCIACION LATINOAMERICANA DE MEDICINA SOCIAL (ALAMES) is the IAHP collaborating association in the Latin America. With active groups in all the regions of SAouth America is a respected association with strong links with both the academic milieu and the poltical activism.
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The Association of German Democratic Doctors, VDAEAE is an active network with a rich history of struggles for health. VDAEAE promotes science, research and education in health care. It works publicly to keep and build up democratic strutures in the health care system. The development of social and humane values within physicians has highest priority. The vdaeae makes no lobby work for commercial interests of physicians. Address: Verein Demokratischer Aerztinnen und Aerzte Kurfuerstenstr. 18 60486 Frankfurt a. Main Germany Tel: +49 69 779366 Fax:+49 69 7073967
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The Centre for International Public Health Policy, headed by Prof Allyson Pollock, has been newly established in the School of Health in Social Science at the University of Edinburgh. It offers MSc programmes in global health policy, and carries out research into international health, public health policy, and the use of private finance in public services, including the use of public private partnerships.
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The European Federation of Public Service Unions, EPSU, is a free and democratic federation of independent trade union organisations for employees in public services in Europe. It is the largest industry Federation within the ETUC. The Federation speaks on behalf of over 180 public sector unions representing approximately 10 million organised workers in more than 30 EU and applicant countries as well as member states of the European Economic Area. The EPSU was founded in 1978. EPSU represents some 3 million health and social services workers.
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The European Network for the Right to Health is gathering people and organisations that are active within the European Social Forum. Its aim is to promote health as a social right higher in the political agenda and campaigns of the ESF.
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The Greek Social Forum is a meeting place for workers, the unemployed, young people, students, political parties and organisations, ecological, feminist, antiracist and immigrant movements, unions, federations, co-ordinating committees from social movements and local initiatives. It stands for pluralistic, democratic action, the creative co-existence of diverse political views, the militant confrontation with neoliberalism, war, racism and suppression and the institutions that are planning and implementing these policies nationally and internationally - governments, the European Union and international organizations. The Greek Social Forum is ready to be seen and heard with demonstrations at all the ministerial meetings during the Greek European Presidency culminating in the international protest march in Thessaloniki in June 2003. The Greek Social Forum is a participant in the European Social Forum which was established in Florence (November 6-10th 2002)
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Federacion de Asociaciones para la Defensa de la Sanidad Publica The IAHP collaborating organisation in Spain with rich and imaginative activities in all the country and strong mobilisations for the defense of Health as a Social Right. FADSP is also producing a journal the "SALUD 2000" (see section of Journals links)
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Health Systems Trust is a dynamic independent non-government organisation established in 1992 to support the transformation of the South African health system. The trust actively supports the current and future development of a comprehensive health care system through strategies designed to promote equity and efficiency in health and health care delivery.
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Pressure group in defence of the NHS. Founded in the autumn of 1983, London Health Emergency is the country's biggest and longest-running pressure group in defence of the NHS.With over 200 trade union bodies, campaigns and community organisations affiliated at local, regional and national level, and many more subscribers, it issues a quarterly tabloid newspaper Health Emergency which has a print run of 10,000 and a distribution reaching many parts of England, Scotland and Wales. Health Emergency carries news and comment on the full range of health service policy issues, with a special focus on acute hospital services, mental health services, care of the elderly, the impact of the government's marketising reforms, and the developments in private medicine
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Nursing and global health action. Politic, ethic and professional role.
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The goal of the People's Health Assembly Movement is to re-establish health and equitable development as top priorities in local, national and international policy-making, with comprehensive primary health care as the strategy to achieve these priorities. The PHA Movement aims to draw on and support people�s movements in their struggles to build long-term and sustainable solutions to health problems.
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Physicians for a National Health Program is the IAHP collaborating Association in the USA. Physicians for a National Health Program a single issue organization advocating a universal, comprehensive single-payer national health care program. PNHP has over 9,000 members and chapters across the United States. PNHP are actively insisting that health care is a right, not a privilege.
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"The Socialist Health Association was founded in 1930 to campaign for a National Health Service. Our goal is to protect and improve the NHS and to campaign on issues of health and equality. This is a socialist organisation. We are affiliated to and actively support the Labour Party, as we have done since we were established in 1930. We mean by socialism a concern for the common ownership of social capital, for the relief of poverty, for equity, and a belief that money or influence should not buy better treatment for human suffering. We affiliate to the Labour Party because it is the only political organisation which is prepared to entertain this agenda and has any prospect of delivering it. For the reasons eloquently described in the NHS National Plan we do not believe that charging has any part to play in the funding of the health service, and we actively campaign to remove the charges which remain. We advocate an extension of free democratic debate within the Labour Party and an extension of democratic accountability within the health service. We are committed to a public health approach. We believe that medical treatment or other therapeutic approach will not on its own achieve the advances in health which are possible and desirable. We are concerned to address the problems of the poorest and most disadvantaged members of our society and in the wider world."
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Tamil Nadu Science Forum is part of the All India People's Science Network which during the past 30 years involved constant efforts to interact with the people at large and to experiment with newer and newer methods of more effective communication. The first objective was to popularise basic Science and Technology among the people. Since everything related to modern Science, Technology and knowledge in general was available only in English, they made use of popular Science booklets and popular Science periodicals for the children and for the grownups for this purpose. They learned to speak on Science and Technology in people's language and idiom and also to relate it to social issues and people's problems.
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The National Health Service Consultants' Association was formed in 1976 as a forum and voice for those consultants with an overriding commitment to the NHS and the basic principles on which it was founded. These are that there should be equity of access on the basis of medical need to a service free at the point of use and funded from general taxation.
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The Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees is intensively active in coordinating and providing health services under war conditions
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