The International Association of Health Policy (IAHP) is a scientific, political and cultural organisation founded in 1977. It is an international network of scholars, health workers and activists with the aim of promoting the scientific analysis of public health issues and a forum for international comparisons and debate on health policy issues.

Oppose the persecussion of turkish academics

IAHPE is expressing its serious concern regarding the agravation of the situation in Turkey
After Erdogan's directive ("it is not possible for an accused to get minto the courts by one door and get out from another") the first three academics being in the court for interogation.
See below the facts                

Statement in memory of Dr. Quentin Young, 1923 - 2016

The following statement was released today by Dr. Robert Zarr, president of Physicians for a National Health Program:

Dr. Quentin D. Young, who served as national coordinator of Physicians for a National Health Program from 1992-2014, and who also served the organization’s past president, died on March 7 in Berkeley, Calif., where he had been under the watchful eyes and care of his daughters and other family members. He was 92.

En defensa de la democracia y apoyo al pueblo Brasilero

In Defense of the Autonomy and Institutionality of the Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar

  (english version is following)

La Crisis de los Refugiados y los riesgos para la Salud

La Crisis de los Refugiados y los riesgos para la Salud: Hay que actuar de inmediato

solidarity to Dr. Mario Hernandez Alvarez, threatened by paramilitary group

The Latin American Association of Social Medicine, the People´s Health Movement and the Intenrational Association of Health Policy in Europe communicate our extreme concern over the death threats made by the paramilitary group "Aguilar Negras" to Dr. Mario Hernandez Alvarez, professor at the University of Colombia, member and former General Coordinator of ALAMES, and to another members of the community of the National University of Colombia. Dr.

Giovanni Berlinguer loss. Statement by Feride Aksu-TaniK, President of IAHP in Europe

We would like to express our deep sadness because of Giovanni Berlinguers' passing away.

One of the founding members of our Association he inspired and mobilised us to share is values on health polixcies and medical ethics. 

We promise to follow his way of struggle for right to health and introduce him and his values and struggle to young generations.  

Giovanni Belringuer memorial by Vicente Navarro

To the members of the International Association of Health Policy

from Vincent Navarro

in memoriam of Giovanni Berlinguer, by Mauricio Torres-Tovar, IAHP President

Giovanni Berlinguer is not any longer with us. He died at the age of 90.

solidarity call of Euclid Tsakalotos, SYRIZA minister, in SinnFein conference

Euclis Tsakalotos, minister of the newly elected SYRIZA governement salutes Sin Fein conference.

to see it and hear press the link below

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